Wildflower Portraits…The Journey Begins

January 11, 2017 Uncategorized 0 Comments

Beauty & Portrait Photography, Crescent Head + Port Macquarie. Wildflower Portraits

New Portrait Photography Service in Crescent Head and Port Macquarie.

I love photographing girls – from gorgeous little princesses to wise queens. After months of work (and years of planning) I have opened Wildflower Portraits, a contemporary photography service in Crescent Head and Port Macquarie, NSW.


We girls are a (sometimes precarious) balance of confident and insecure; strong and emotional; lovely and loved.


We often put others first and forget to take care of ourselves.  We forget to make time for ourselves and to treat ourselves form time to time.


I was brought up with both my mum and dad pointing a camera at my siblings and me almost everyday.  We each have volumes of photo albums documenting our lives as a family.  But since I left home, photos of myself have become rare.  I’m always taking the photos and when people take photos of me, they never seem to look as good as I hoped they could.  I know that I have good angles and pretty expressions (I’ve seen them in the mirror), but my friends never seem to be able to capture them.  And selfies just don’t cut it.


I want to be photographed at my best.  I want my future kids and my parents to have photos of me that I’m happy for them to display.  It’s important to have photos of ourselves that we cherish, that we can look at when we’re feeling a bit down to know that we can look stunning, even if we don’t every day.


I started Wildflower Portraits because I couldn’t find anyone within 400km who could take the kind of beautiful portraits that I want of myself.  I figured that there must be other women around the Mid North Coast also looking for something like Wildflower, who will jump at the opportunity to have a fun day in the studio with us, and maybe their best friends, sisters, mum or daughters too.


Wildflower Portraits is my dream and I’m working hard to make it real.  Please come along for the ride and talk to me about the kind of photographs you dream of having.  We can build the dream together!