Wedding Questionnaire 1

Thanks for taking the time to fill in this quick questionnaire. 

This is a preliminary form to help me get an overview of your wedding day plans and help you get the very best photographs of your special day.

I will send through a more detailed questionnaire as we get closer to your wedding day.


Length of Ceremony
Venue name and address
Your ideas for photography. eg. Bride/Groom getting dressed, Ceremony, Family Shots, Couple Shots, Reception. Please include times and locations.
Venue name and address
eg. Heirloom jewellery, specific decorations, love notes
Names and roles
Names and relationship
Names and relationship
Have you booked your Celebrant, Make up artist, DJ, videographer, musicians, etc?
Feel free to add any additional information here. Once I receive this form, I'll give you a call to discuss everything in more detail.