Boudoir Photography FAQ

Will my photos be shared online?

We would love to share your amazing photographs to let other women see what is possible in a Wildflower Portraits boudoir session.  However, we understand that not everyone is comfortable having their photos shared online. We will only share your boudoir images with your permission.  You are welcome to keep your photos completely private or choose which individual photos you are happy for us to share on our website and social media. We fully respect your privacy.

Do you supply props?

As you can see in the images on our website, we don’t tend to use props during our boudoir sessions. You are welcome to bring your own. We will discuss all your ideas and plan out your shoot together with you, during your pre-shoot consultation.

What will I wear for my boudoir photography session?

Every boudoir session is unique. We photograph most women in lingerie, which can be pieces you already own or sets that you buy specifically for your shoot. These can be as expensive or affordable as you like – the most important this is that you feel comfortable and gorgeous in them. How you feel will come across in your expression.
We will discuss your outfits in your pre-shoot consultation. Other options include silk robes, oversized boyfriend shirts, draped fabric, accessories, lace or a nightie. We can also create beautiful looks with just sheets or silhouettes.

How do I prepare for a boudoir photoshoot?

You will get all this information in the Dream Boudoir Photo Shoot Guide.

Do you photoshop the images?

All of our final photographs are professionally edited and retouched. We find that many women may have a part of their body that they are more self conscious about and want that area retouched in a subtle or specific way. Please let us know anything you would like us to be aware of when posing you and editing your images.

What should I expect to spend?

Our boudoir collections begin at $980. Most women spend between $1580-$2690 on their boudoir sessions.

Do you do location or studio boudoir sessions?

The majority of our boudoir sessions are photographed in one of our hand-selected hotels to create flattering natural lighting, a clean, bright background and privacy. However, if you are interested in a boudoir session at an outdoor location, let us know so we can discuss the details.

I don’t normally wear heavy make up. Will I still look like me?

You can choose the style of professional makeup you would like for your boudoir session. Let us know your thoughts during your pre-shoot consultation. Your makeup artist can apply the style of makeup you would like, anything from natural to glam.

What do I need to bring to my boudoir photography session?

You will simply need to bring the outfits that you’d like to wear and anything else you’ve chosen to include in your photographs. We will take care of the hair, makeup, bubbly, playlist and location.

Do you do nude photos?

We photograph clothed, partial nude, implied nude or nude done tastefully.  

Do you do male boudoir photography?

At this stage we only photograph women and people identifying as women, as our style focusses on celebrating femininity and we specialise in posing and styling in this way.

The women on your website look like models. Is this really for me?

All the ladies on our boudoir page are regular women.  Our many years of experience with hair and makeup, posing, angles, lighting and post-production create stunning photographs that make everyday people feel and look like models.  Most, if not all of the ladies felt nervous before their shoot too. It is our job to make you feel amazing and guide you through what to wear and how to pose to make the most of your features.  

I am older/bigger/different from the ladies on your website.   Can I still do a boudoir session?

Boudoir shoots are for women of all shapes, sizes, ages and backgrounds. We will capture you in ways that show your favourite features while de-emphasising parts of your body that you are less comfortable with. We believe that every woman is beautiful in their own way and we want to show you that in your photographs.

Do I bring my own lingerie, or do you provide the outfits?

As we photograph women of all sizes, with different preferences for styling, we don’t provide lingerie. Please bring your own outfits, ensuring that you try them on at home and feel comfortable in each set.

Please describe the luxury keepsake Portrait Box that’s available in the Luxe Session & Print Package

This is a beautiful photo box, handmade in Australia.  It holds 20 selected photographs which are 5×7″ professional prints matted in 8×10″ matting.  These prints are ready to frame, to give as a gift or tuck away discretely, preserved in a timeless and elegant way.

Can I bring my partner or a friend to my shoot?

If having someone with you for the shoot would make you feel more comfortable, you are welcome to bring them along. However we do prefer to work one-on-one with boudoir clients as having an audience can make you feel self-conscious and distracted during your shoot. We want you to be present and fully relaxed, in order to create stunning images. For this reason we are happy for you to bring your moral support person for the hair and makeup portion of your shoot, then they can head off for a coffee or a stroll along the waterfront when we begin shooting.

I’m ready to book a shoot, what’s next?

Get in contact via our contact page or email, and we will email you package options and more information.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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